Outdoor - Kitchen

quality affordable street foods


We are two young men from Atlantis, Western Cape who generally attended loads of events. We believe in quality products and keeping the cost affordable, making sure patrons enjoy the events and will re-visit the following years to come.

I'm Mark Prince im a financial advisor, and my business partner Virgil Feinhaur is an entrepreneur based in Atlantis, we both share one passion: good quality food & exceptional service .We would value the opportunity to showcase our unique style, and passion towards our Cape Town food culture, and thus offer your patrons the quality food they would enjoy, at an affordable price.

Our menu is generally simple but we will cater for your need, that’s why we are the Outdoor-Kitchen. We specialize in Burgers, boerewors rolls, foot longs (half Gatsby’s), bunny-chows, thick crispy fresh chips, coffee, cold drinks, ice cream.


  • Atlantis Industrial, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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